How to Care for Your Bikini When Traveling

Hey there ladies, we are just about a month away from that fabulous time of the year where you ditch your classes and all the boring adult stuff and hit the beaches.   Yes, that's right, spring break is almost upon us! And that means it's time to start planning and gathering your sizzling attire for the occasion.   Now for some of you that may mean you have to...

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New Signature Collection Favorites!

While we love all of our bikinis here at Demon Bikini, we wanted to showcase a few of our fan favorite Signature Collection styles! Who is ready for a fight to the DEATH?! JUST KIDDING! But, we did want to highlight a few favorites from our signature collection. Let us draw your attention to these beautiful gems. Desert Eagle Up first is the dazzling Desert Eagle. This bikini is hotter...

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Celebrating Demon Bikini's First Year in Business!

In December we celebrated our 1 year anniversary and in February we will be celebrating our 1 year anniversary of our website launch! It has been a stellar year and we couldn’t be happier. We recently sat down with our incredible owner, Leanna, to chat about Demon Bikini and this past year! Let’s take a look at what life has been like after a year of building Demon Bikini.  Question:...

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Demon Bikini Ambassador Program Highlights

A while back we wrote about becoming a brand ambassador for Demon Bikini.  We’ve had a tremendous response! We wanted to follow-up our original post with some expanded details about this amazing program!  Here is some more detail on what it means to be “one of us”. What’s in It for You We all love getting a good deal and letting our friends know! We want to give back to...

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