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AMAZING Spring Break Desinations

By: :Leanna Shadlow 0 comments
AMAZING Spring Break Desinations

Spring break is quickly around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited.

It's that time of the year where all those “responsibilities” can be cast aside and we pull out our made in America bikinis and go have some fun.

Where are the fun spring destinations you might ask? Well, we will gladly tell you. Let's check them out and see where your spring break could be taking place.


No spring break list of any kind could leave out Cancun. In fact, it would be crazy.

Cancun’s sprawling white sandy beaches and beautiful resorts are just some of the highlights of this gorgeous place. 

This destination works well for either going with your friends or taking that romantic weekend with your honey. Nothing is quite as romantic as watching the sunset in the skies of Cancun.

Plus your man or the men looking for love will absolutely lose it when you strut your stuff in your Demon Bikini. And what women wouldn’t want to do that, are we right?

If you have the opportunity then Cancun would be a spring break you’ll never forget. There is hardly anything in this world that could compare. 

Miami Beach 

Just about anywhere in Miami is great for spring break but specifically, Miami Beach is one of the best. 

It is arguably one of the most popular if not the most popular for the United States and huge numbers of people flock there every year. It’s just simply the place to be and has all the offerings one could possibly need or want. 

Miami may very well be cliched but there's a reason it is. Miami is a fun destination for yourself and your friends.

And when the fun is all done by the beach, don’t forget Miami’s impressive club scene to get your twerking and dirty dancing on.

South Padre Island 

If you're looking for a well-rounded destination in terms of non-stop fun, budget, and all the other things one could possibly dream up on spring break then look no further than this hotspot destination in Texas. 

South Padre Island brings the ultimate fun with pool parties, concerts, celebrities, and budget-friendly pads to make your whole spring break an absolute breeze. 

We also know that since it is in Texas, everything they do is bigger and better right? That’s just what they do and they do it very very well.

These three spring break destinations are some of the most fun spots in the world. Each one brings its own magic and feel to spring break and although you can’t be in all three at once they are worth remembering for revisiting time after time after time. 

Now grab your luggage, pack those amazing Demon Bikinis, and let us make Spring Break 2022 a time to remember. 

I can’t wait to see you out there but for now Ciao my beautiful community.

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