Spring Break Without the Beach

That's right, you can enjoy spring break without a beach believe it or not.  Getting away from all the hype, giant beach parties, and sand finding its way into places you didn’t even know you had can be a fun, refreshing change from the typical spring break vacay.  Our women from Demon Bikini are more than just beach hotties, you can find them having all sorts of fun elsewhere and...

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How To Choose the Right Bikini for Your Body

As we enter the spring months many of you can feel it in the air…summer is coming. Along with warmer weather comes finding the right bikini as well.  Whether it be boating, swimming, sand volleyball, or all of those other activities you fabulous ladies will be involved in there is a bikini for you. However, one question remains.  How do you choose the right bikini for your body? For some,...

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AMAZING Spring Break Desinations

Spring break is quickly around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. It's that time of the year where all those “responsibilities” can be cast aside and we pull out our bikinis and go have some fun.  Where are the fun spring destinations you might ask? Well, we will gladly tell you. Let's check them out and see where your spring break could be taking place. Cancun No spring...

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How to Care for Your Bikini When Traveling

Hey there ladies, we are just about a month away from that fabulous time of the year where you ditch your classes and all the boring adult stuff and hit the beaches.   Yes, that's right, spring break is almost upon us! And that means it's time to start planning and gathering your sizzling attire for the occasion.   Now for some of you that may mean you have to...

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