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New Signature Collection Favorites!

By: :Leanna Shadlow 0 comments
New Signature Collection Favorites!

While we love all of our bikinis here at Demon Bikini, we wanted to showcase a few of our fan favorite Signature Collection styles! Who is ready for a fight to the DEATH?!


But, we did want to highlight a few favorites from our signature collection. Let us draw your attention to these beautiful gems.

Desert Eagle

Up first is the dazzling Desert Eagle. This bikini is hotter than some of the sun's rays on the hottest day in July. One might even say it’s the “nuke” to your “bombshell”. 

A beautiful yet simple two-piece that is a dark green treasure on the sandy beaches you frolic on. 

Crazy Cat Lady

Now names can be deceiving, and if you're thinking of some crazy ol’ lady in a nightgown yelling at a neighborhood child you're only partially correct. 

Our crazy cat lady bikini will be the cat’s meow of your entire boat party. In reality, we just want you to feel sassy and pretty as a proper sexy feline should. 

Adorned with a gorgeous cheetah pattern and a touch of gold this bikini is sure to impress. 

Our Favorite

Honestly, we really do love all our bikinis but our signature collection is truly something special. 

If we had to choose between Desert Eagle or Crazy Cat Lady then Desert Eagle takes the spot. Not that we don’t love both but Desert Eagle is just straight-up cool and will fit into so many different situations making it easy to style and wear around. 

What’s your favorite between the two? Heck why not get both, that sounds like a good idea to us. 

Have a different favorite? Let us know!


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