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Keep Your Demon Bikini Looking Fierce!

Keep Your Demon Bikini Looking Fierce!


At Demon Bikini, our swimwear is crafted with the finest fabrics and delicate trims, all handmade with love. Treat your bikini like the fabulous swimwear that it is, and it’ll keep you looking stunning!

After Every Wear

Hand wash your bikini after each wear. No twisting or wringing—your suit deserves better!

Lay Flat to Dry

Dry your suit out of direct sunlight to keep those vibrant colors popping. Never, ever machine dry or dry clean your bikini. Lie it flat or hang to dry. No Woolite or similar products, please!

Hand Wash Only

Gently hand wash your bikini separately in cold water using super mild soap. Machine wash? No way!

Important Cautions

  • Where to Wear : Our custom bikinis love the pool and ocean, but they're not fans of intense water activities or long swims in chlorinated water.
  • Beware of Chemicals : Sun tan lotions, spas, and chlorinated pools can be rough on your bikini.
  • Color Care : Some bright patterns and colors might fade or bleed, but that’s just the nature of the beast.

Follow these fun and easy tips to keep your Demon Bikini looking fabulous and ready for all your adventures!