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Demon Bikini Ambassador Program Highlights

By: :Leanna Shadlow 0 comments
Demon Bikini Ambassador Program Highlights

A while back we wrote about becoming a brand ambassador for Demon Bikini. 

We’ve had a tremendous response! We wanted to follow-up our original post with some expanded details about this amazing program! 

Here is some more detail on what it means to be “one of us”.

What’s in It for You

We all love getting a good deal and letting our friends know! We want to give back to our ambassadors and we came up with some AMAZING perks!


First off, you get a sizzling 40% off your personal Demon Bikini orders. Second, you get to extend deals to all your family, friends, and followers by granting them a discount code worth 10% off as well.

Who doesn’t want to look great on the boat, help their girlfriends look great, all at a lower price? We’re not crazy, we just appreciate you and your work and we’re willing to prove it.


Now let us sweeten the swag even further. 

For every 10 sales that come in from your ambassador efforts, we’ll give you a FREE Demon Bikini of your choice! 

Insider Info

Being an ambassador for Demon Bikini means you’ll be the first to know about new styles, prints, and anything else we’re bringing to the table long before we announce it publicly. 

This means you’ll get first dibs on any new prints or styles to complete your boating and beach wardrobe!

Honestly, who doesn’t love knowing what’s coming next before anyone else does? Not only will you know but if you wear them and share them with us we will feature you on our Instagram and Facebook page with a shout out or maybe feature you in an upcoming blog!

As thanks for getting our brand out there, we will return the favor and get you out there. It’s a win-win for both of us.

What’s The Catch?

Now nothing can be completely cut and dry. Well except our excellent bikinis but there are some minimal requirements that are required to qualify for all these awesome benefits.

Not Just Like Love

If you’re here then we are pretty confident you really do LOVE bikinis but just in case you’ll really need to. 

To be a brand ambassador means you love bikinis so much that you have a dresser dedicated to just those! Well maybe not really but that would certainly prove you love them.

Ultimately as long as you're a bikini super fan you’ll fit right in.

How Do We Contact You?

This might be obvious but sometimes it’s not completely obvious what a company is looking for. 

If selected to move through our process we’ll need a way to get in touch. Passing along your name (first and last), the best number to reach you, and your Instagram handle would be great. 

Now, your Instagram account does have to be public otherwise that would sorta defeat the purpose of being a public figure for our brand. This will also allow us to peak in and gauge your followers as well as how active you seem to be. 

We’ll need to see some decent numbers on both those points so we can decide the best fit for you and us. 

We’ll also want to see your brand new Demon Bikini set posted to your personal Instagram, and be sure to tag us (@demon_bikini) in all your posts and stories. This is also where you’ll want to include your discount code.

Having Fun and Leading the Charge

Now that we went over all of that stuff again let’s wrap it up with the most important part. Have fun. 

As a brand ambassador, you are joining us in our mission to empower women and spread the love all over the world. That can be hard to do if you're a stickler so don’t be afraid to get out there. 

You’re not only helping Demon Bikinis get our name out there but also helping us reach more women, find more charities to support, and look great doing it. So lead the charge and let our brand shine for you!

Lastly, if you have any questions feel free to reach out, we’ll be more than happy to help you out.

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