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How to Care for Your Bikini When Traveling

By: :Leanna Shadlow 0 comments
How to Care for Your Bikini When Traveling

Hey there ladies, we are just about a month away from that fabulous time of the year where you ditch your classes and all the boring adult stuff and hit the beaches.


Yes, that's right, spring break is almost upon us! And that means it's time to start planning and gathering your sizzling attire for the occasion.


Now for some of you that may mean you have to pack your bags, jump on a plane, drive a car, or do whatever you have to do to get to some of the hottest places on the planet for some solid days of nothing but fun and relaxation. Now that sounds amazing, are we right ladies?


This is all great and fun but how do you keep your shimmer bikini set in great shape while you're doing all this traveling? We can’t forget this nor can we skimp on its proper care can we?


Do not fear ladies, we’re here to help you sort this out. So there's more time playing and less time stressing.


Time to dive into caring for your bikini while on the road so it will be ready for all that fun you’ll be having in it.

Mesh Bag Method 

In an ideal world, you’ll be staying at a beautiful relaxing hotel that will hopefully have laundry amenities as well. This will be great as you can make sure to have a mesh bag with you that you can use to wash your bikini after a long day of partying and other shenanigans. 


Simply tuck your made in America bikini in the mesh bag so it is protected and set the machine to gentle. Toss it in with some mild detergent and you're off to the waiting game. Which you can use that time to plan out your next day of fucking awesome events, your choice. 


Once it is done washing and rinsing pull it out and hang it to dry. Now your bikini is ready to go for the next day.

Bathroom Sink Method

Now another method is the bathroom sink. Some hotels don’t have public laundry units and even if they did they could be expensive or just plain gross. Better to take matters into your own hands at that point. 


After a long day of hitting the beach simply take your bikini to your room and with some laundry soap as well as some oxygenated bleach give it a good scrub right there in the sink. Then just let it hang to dry. 


Now we realize in all the fun you planned to have or did have laundry supplies were probably not at the top of your packing list and that’s ok.


You can use just about anything soap-wise or bleach to still get the job done. Just be careful and apply some to a small area to see how the fabric will react before you get too crazy with it. As long as it doesn’t negatively affect that one area you should be good to go.


This way you can keep your bikini as fresh as it needs to be even if you weren’t able to machine wash it. 


Knowing how to wash and care for your bikini while you’re out traveling is important and worth protecting your beautiful investments. With spring break just around the corner, it is a smart lady who will be ready to go long beforehand. 


No matter if it is this spring break or the coming summer months that you’ll be hitting the waters keep this article in mind so your bikinis will also be fresh and looking hot for when you need them.


Last but not least don’t forget about our FAQ page. It has a short but sweet description of how to care for your Demon Bikinis as well. Taking care of them will allow them to only be short and skimpy, making you hot and sizzling. 


We here at Demon Bikini want that sexiness for you and to prevent your gorgeous bikinis from a short-lived life, and we would like to think that is pretty amazing.

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