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Spring Break Without the Beach

By: :Leanna Shadlow 0 comments
Spring Break Without the Beach

That's right, you can enjoy spring break without a beach believe it or not. 

Getting away from all the hype, giant beach parties, and sand finding its way into places you didn’t even know you had can be a fun, refreshing change from the typical spring break vacay. 

Our women from Demon Bikini are more than just beach hotties, you can find them having all sorts of fun elsewhere and we asked to find out how a few go about it.

Take a look below and see if anything piques your interest and spend your next spring break away from all that pesky sand.

Camp It Out

Spring break doesn’t always have to mean oceans and sand. You can find plenty of fun surrounded by some trees and a lake. 

Not only will this option save you a ton in hotel costs but it will also bring you closer to nature a bit. Boating, fishing, or just sitting fireside are all activities that are relaxing and fun even on spring break. 

The best benefit is once you're done with all your partying you can crawl into your tent and sleep under the stars typically with plenty of peace and quiet only found by camping.

Boat Races

Speaking of boats, this is another great option for someone wanting to get away from the typical spring break affair. 

These may still be close to beaches but typically boating communities are a whole other breed altogether. There is nothing quite like watching shit go fast with loud motors and being immersed in it all. 

This is an experience Demon Bikinis definitely recommends ladies.


Whether you have the money to take a fancy trip or don’t there really is nothing quite like spending a break at home, even if it is spring break. 

This also doesn’t have to take away from any fun to be had either especially if you live in the right areas. Hitting the local town also gives you an advantage many others don’t have, knowing where all the fun stuff already is!

The other benefit or option you have here is getting caught up on all the relaxation your body could be dying for. Instead of dragging that bikini out to hit the beaches you could hit a luxurious spa and treat yourself to a glorious massage, pedicure, and the list can go on and on. 

Spring break can be a blast and quite fun but it can also be used as a time to just enjoy yourself and your beautifulness, beach or no beach. 

Just Make it Fun

These are just a few ideas for your spring break that you can do. Life and parties can be more than just a day out at the beach even though that really is a badass time. 

We know however that for some of you that beaches may not seem as appealing as it they do to some. Hopefully, these few tips can help you plan an awesome spring break for yourself or at the very least give yourself some inspiration. 

No matter what you do make it fun, make it memorable, and be the amazing woman you always are. 

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