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How To Choose the Right Bikini for Your Body

By: :Leanna Shadlow 0 comments
How To Choose the Right Bikini for Your Body

As we enter the spring months many of you can feel it in the air…summer is coming. Along with warmer weather comes finding the right bikini as well. 

Whether it be boating, swimming, sand volleyball, or all of those other activities you fabulous ladies will be involved in there is a bikini for you. However, one question remains. 

How do you choose the right bikini for your body?

For some, it isn’t as easy as selecting whatever you think looks amazing and swiping that credit card. 

We have your back though. We’re here to help you figure this out so you spend less time fretting and more time soaking up all that fun and warm weather. 

Below are a few tips on how to choose the right bikini for your body ladies.

Body Shapes

Our first topic in selecting the right bikini is going to be body shape. All of you badass women are unique in the sense we have different body types and shapes. Not to mention we all feel comfortable in different styles and patterns. 

It is no wonder at that point when bikini online shopping can be a bit overwhelming right from the beginning.


  • Top hourglass
  • Bottom hourglass (aka pear)
  • Spoon
  • Triangle
  • Inverted Triangle
  • Rectangle (aka straight)
  • As you can see from that list there can be quite a few but fear not we will walk you through figuring out which one you are and some style suggestions as well. 

    If you are wondering how these types were determined then take a look at this research study conducted by Lee, Istook, and Nam on over 6,300 American women back in 2007 it is quite interesting and the basis for these body types. 

    How To Determine Your Body Shape

    In order to determine your body shape, you simply need four measurements. These measurements are the following:

    • Bust- This should be measured at the fullest point. Be sure not to squeeze the tape too tightly. Lastly, you’ll want to be able to still breathe deeply as well. 
    • Waist- For this measurement, it will be the narrowest part of your torso, and keep in mind you do not want to suck in that tummy, your numbers won't be accurate then. 
    • Hips- Measure at the widest point below your waist, this one is pretty easy. 
    • High Hip- finally your last measurement is also another point on your hip. This one is taken from where your hip curves rather than at the widest point. 

    Once you have these four numbers there are various websites that have built calculators and such to help you determine where your body shape falls. 

    When you have that figured out it is a simple matter of shopping for a made in America bikini that matches the body shape. Below are some examples in each category to help you get started.

    Hourglass Body Shape

    This shape is the luckiest of them all. The body is typically naturally proportional and balanced. You’ll want to accentuate your waist and legs with this body shape. 

    If your body shape is an hourglass, you're lucky! This silhouette is naturally proportional and balanced. The key is to accentuate your clearly defined beautiful waist and great legs - your best assets.

    An “hourglass” body type is best with almost any bikini but one that really shows off your curves is going to really pop. You’ll also want to keep your colors matching if you can, mixing and matching it could make your body look disproportional. 

    Top Hourglass Body Shape

    This body shape isn’t too much different than a normal hourglass shape. The difference is your bust is visibly larger than your hips. The trick here is getting a bikini that shows off your waist but balances your top and bottom out visually. 

    This can be done by selecting a halter or triangle style bikini top paired with a patterned bottom. The same effect can also be done with darker tops and lighter bottoms for example. 

    Bottom Hourglass (Pear) Body Shape

    Bottom hourglass body types are also the same as a pear body type. These body shapes have an accentuated waist and a bust that looks smaller than the hips. 


    The key to a great bikini for this body shape is adding volume to your upper body while your bottoms remain as simple as you can. 

    A good approach for a bikini here would be a light-colored top paired with darker bottoms but try to avoid “high-coverage” ones. You can also go with a push-up bikini top which will add extra volume helping balance everything out for you. 

    Spoon Body Shape

    As a spoon body shape your arms and lower legs are what you’ll want to highlight the most. 


    Pattern or ruffled tops that draw attention towards your upper body will work very well for those of you with this body type. You can even select a push-up one that really draws attention. Darker bottoms pair well with this body shape as well but avoid any add-on embellishments that would draw attention to the waist. 


    You want their attention to be firmly on your upper portions and hips. 

    Triangle Body Shape

    A triangle body type has a slim upper body while your hips look broader than your shoulders. With this body shape, you’ll want to add volume to your upper body while downplaying your hips.

    Any tops that draw attention to your upper body will do very well here. Pairing a patterned or even a ruffled top with dark-colored bottoms will help women look all the more stunning in a bikini pairing like this.

    Inverted Triangle Body Shape

    Inverted triable body shapes have a subtle waist with slim hips. They also have ample bust and shoulder measurements as well. 

    With this body shape, you’ll want to choose a style that emphasizes your lower body rather than your bust to help bring balance to your look. 

    Women with this body shape can pair a simple solid color top with thick straps with bottoms that have side ties or embellishments which will help make their overall look truly shine.

    Rectangle (Straight) Body Shape

    The last body shape is known by many names in all honesty. Rectangle, straight, or even boyish are terms that have described this body shape, but it is simply proportional to your body. 

    With a body shape like this one, you’ll want to add volume to both your upper and lower body and go for bikinis that are more “form-fitting” to show off all your best features. 

    Light colors, bows or ties, and similar styles will help you to really bring all that you got and more. Basically, you’ll want options that add to your visual appeal and draw everyone's gaze exactly where you want it to be. 

    Screw the Shape

    At the end of the day don’t let us tell you what to wear. It can be important to dress in a way that matches your body shape but it is more important that you both love and enjoy what you wear. 

    Any of the results from above can help sure but you will look, feel, and be your most beautiful in whatever makes you feel beautiful. Always trust your gut and by doing so you will look fantastic in any bikini you choose 

    Take our handy guide here as inspiration or a starting point but remember to wear your bikini with confidence, style, and grace that any badass woman is capable of and shine on. 

    Final Thoughts

    This is it, ladies. We truly hope that this will help any woman of any body shape pick out the bikini or better yet bikinis best for them. 

    Always remember that you can make anything look great, but playing to your strengths never hurt anybody either. 

    Just be sure when you hit those beaches in that gorgeous Demon Bikini that you're prepared for all the attention you’ll be getting!


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