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Slither // Mac Top

$75.00 $45.00

Slither & Slay in a Triangular Bikini Top!
It's time to rep-style in the sun with our exclusive string bikini top featuring a gray, white black snake print, adjustable straps, and triangular shape top. We have tested it well in the water, and the best part is everything stays in place in all conditions. The suit doesn't go transparent when wet. It holds throughout and doesn't loosen up on swimming. Our snakeskin string bikini top is an amazing head-turner and comes with great features.You can wear those top three different ways as pictured.

  • Adjustable triangles.
  • String ties at the neck and back.
  • Fully lined up.
  • No padding.
  • The top can be collapsed for a smaller micro style top.
  • Pairs well with the slither bikini bottoms sold separately.
  • Proudly designed and handmade in the USA.